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Christopher Sugrue Refco

August 12, 2014

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Chris Sugrue

Curious Systems: Explorations in Art and Algorithmic Behavior

Course Description
Interactive art and design can use quality of movement, types of behaviors, and dynamics of responses to create meaning, invoke curiosity, or allow viewers and users to invent narratives. This course examines various approaches to programming motion and behaviors to create believable, responsive systems and environments. We will examine basic physics algorithms for motion, and experiment with interactivity using the kinect sensor.

Skill Level
The course will be taught using Processing; participants should have some prior programming experience.

Artist's Biography
Chris Sugrue is an artist and programmer developing interactive installations, audio-visual performance and experimental interfaces. Her works experiment with technology in playful and curious ways and investigate topics such as artificial life, eye-tracking and optical illusions.

Chris holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design and has exhibited internationally in numerous festivals and galleries. Her interactive installation, Delicate Boundaries, received an honorary mention from Vida Art and Artificial Life Awards and first prize from Share Festival. In 2009, she collaborated to help develop the EyeWriter, a low-cost eye controlled drawing tool for ALS patients. Chris has taught courses in the Design and Technology department at Parsons School of Design, the Interface Culture program at the KunstUniversität in Linz, Austria, and numerous workshops on visual and creative programming.

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